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Needed a six inch and 1 1/2 inch extension and got it from underneath but it was not easy...hopin i never have to do it. Now all it does is whine, won't even act like it wants to start... If you are near an auto parts store like NAPA you can take the starter there to get it bench tested. I would double check the wiring and make sure your battery is good. check the wiring on the relay on the firewall, follow the cable to the first connection should be a "Y" on the end of the cable 3 posts at that connection, red large wire, going into wire harness on firewall second wire going to the altenator, small wire going to firewall also, now both the larger wires have to be on the bottom post, NOTHING, but one side of the "Y" on the top post, if the 2 big wires are split up you will get power to the starter ALL the TIME, now it is free spinning(Whinni New starters are no guarenree they are goid, hav had new ones(ford) and solinoids or bendiz bushing bad, repacement a hassle because they test goid, bendix bushing tricky, it will wobble and the reduction gear system is for the birds, ford( is doin what!?

I used 2 long extentions with a swivel in the middle and had mine replaced in 30 minutes I will be changing mine today. Forecast to warm up to 15 F degrees, which is warmer than the past few days. I wanted to thank you for the pictorial, glad to know where the top bolt is. I've been wrenching a long time, but still review every job before hand. You just never know what kinds of changes have been made in the factories & you may come into something new. My guess is it is a bad starter, even if it was new - it happens. If you are near an auto parts store like NAPA you can take the starter there to get it bench tested. )Sounds like the cold is affecting a lot of us with starter issues. Autozone quoted me 0 on a new one w/lifetime warranty. Barely use the darn thing but other day drove it to work because of weather and all it did was click after sitting in cold for 6 hours. I have a 2000 f-150 4.6 v8 i got the truck from a guy and he said the starter went up so did the battery so i jumped started it and it started up so i let it run for awhile and then i turned it off and tryed to start it again with out using the jumper cables and it would not start do u think it could be the starter In your first message you said you heard clicking - that is usually caused by a battery that is low on charge.

Start by disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery. Two of the big nuts are 13mm and the small one is 10mm. Models that have 4.2L V6 engine do not have the 3rd bolt.

First THANKS for the info and pix, got me thru in good shape, I took off the front tire, used my 20" extension,a wobble joint and short 13mm socket to remove top bolt.

When space came available at the Mae Center, a commercial building that Bridget owns, it “just seemed right” to bring friends, dreams and stories together and open The Breakfast Table Cafe.

Bridget and her staff are big on family, friendly customer service and serving only the Freshest, Highest Quality Food.

If you do let me know so I can pass it on to others in my family whom are all pretty much Ford country..

So, if you live or are on vacation in the Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, 30A, Fort Walton or Niceville areas, then drop by and see us, you will be glad you did.

, Dennis Smith’s superb book of San Francisco’s reaction to the 1906 earthquake, I got to thinking.

I called into my dealer, and my service guy said they need to catch the truck in the act of not wanting to stop turning over, well I have news for them its not like clock work, doesn't happen all the time... I have to admit to not looking forward to the installation on Monday. Accessed side and upper bolt from wheel well (wheel removed).

I'm tired of not knowing if the truck will start right up or have to try it a few times, so is it the starter or sylonoid or both? If you don't have a socket knuckle and several extensions (about 2 feet worth) then don't even attempt the removal of the upper bolt.

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