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The thing is, the refining process to turn morphine base into good stuff, say China White at 99.9% pure --- and doing it safely and expediently --- requires lots of chemicals and the experience of a master chemist.

Although in later years there were eventually quite a number of highly capable heroin refineries located throughout the Golden Triangle area, at the time we are talking about here, the Laotian warlord operated one of only two known, and, even though it could process heroin, it was rudimentary at best and, mostly because of lack of sufficient amounts of opium, turned out only small amount of product.

Up to that time NOBODY else but ME in our portion of the on the ground group was privy to that information.

However, OUTSIDE our portion of the on the ground group was a different story.

The downstream outflow from that encounter, an encounter of which was initially put into place by others well beyond my control, later found me miles and miles away high in the mountains of the Himalayas outside the confines of any warlord, in one of those ancient monasteries truly beyond the reach of time.

The warlord financed a good portion of his largely regional Laotian warlord activities through the use of, bartering of, or marketing of, opium.

However, processing opium into morphine base and then into heroin concentrates the power of the product into a more manageable material to transport --- that is, small amounts relative to its potentially huge worth can be moved in rather small spaces.

However, although it is not exclusively Buddhist, there is a broad band of Buddhism beyond those three countries that forms a huge crescent-like swath from India through southeast Asia, passing through Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Within that crescent-like swath are hundreds of Buddhist and Zen Buddhist monasteries with thousands of monks, many of which amongst their ranks of thousands have been found to be protesting government policies in Burma, while in the early-mid 1960s they were burning themselves alive in protests over government policies in Vietnam.

(see) The thing is, not known to most, high in the mountains and plateaus bordering up and behind that swath, in an almost impenetrable area, there exists many ancient and unknown to the outside world and all its turmoil, basically unhindered and unmolested, a smattering of monasteries not only operating almost independent of time but a select few actually operating independent of time.

For the area below the mountains, Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, although memories are fading strongly into the past, there still remains a strong lingering association with the Vietnam war with all of its in-country death and destruction, matched, albeit unevenly, only by the social unrest and upheaval throughout America and around the world.

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