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So far I'm finding it to be rather difficult because I feel like I'm constantly cutting down on content. Maybe I should just write the way I've always done it and then mold it into the proper format later. I've written just over a page of the script so far.

I'm attempting to focus on the Jonouchi path, but again - I feel like methodology is getting in my way.

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I do like your idea though, i want to make that clear.

It would be somewhat possible but they would have to change the way events occur as far as the story line goes if they want the player to feel like a part of the story.

XD Though I'd be all for a full-blown dating sim/YGO combo.

I'm not sure if I should write each path separately and see where the intersect organically or if I should design the overarching plot first and flesh out individual threads later. I've certainly never written any sort of "choose your own adventure" sort of thing before. Realistically, what I'm writing now will probably end up scrapped later down the road. Maybe it won't end up that way, but if it does I won't be broken up about it.

This project is forcing me to reacquaint myself with all of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! A project has to be rewarding or reinforcing in some way for you to be motivated to continue with it.

The problem is that either you would have to have 2 characters to play as, on being male and the other female, or there would be an insult to players because they would have characters doing some same sex dating.

it would be nice if they gave us a female character to play as though, it really wouldnt be that much of a stretch for this game to be called a dating sim as it is, except you are cultivating friendship instead of romance.

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