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This should cause an error, but If you try to validate the following XML against the schema above, the validation will fail with the following message: "The element 'e3' has invalid child element 'e2'." and an Xml Schema Validation Exception exception will be thrown. Xml Schema Validation Exception: The 'e2' el element is invalid - The value 'abc' is invalid according to its datatype ' - The string 'abc' is not a valid Int32 value."\ namespace rely on the .

If you try to validate the following XML against the schema above, the validation will fail with the following exception: "Unhandled Exception: System. The following sections discuss security issues that are specific to XML technologies.

You can also design your app so that the XML processing is memory and time constrained.

For example, you can configure timeout limits in your ASP. Because XML documents can include references to other files, it is difficult to determine how much processing power is required to parse an XML document. If the DTD contains nested entities or complex content models, it could take an excessive amount of time to parse the document.

As a result, many organizations use XML to pass documents and data both within the organization and between trading partners and vendors.

Due to the ubiquitous nature of these exchanges, sooner or later developers will need to read and write XML documents, transform them with XSL, and validate them using XML schemas. Simply put, an entity reference allows an XML document to be compressed by defining an entity once in a document and referencing it multiple times like so: Public Sub Validate(By Val p File Name As String, By Val p Schema As String, _ By Val p Namespace As String) Dim o Read As Xml Text Reader Dim o Valid As Xml Validating Reader Try o Read = New Xml Text Reader(p File Name) o Valid = New Xml Validating Reader(o Read) Add Handler o Valid. The XSD and XSLT technologies have additional capabilities that can affect processing performance.For example, it is possible to construct an XML schema that requires a substantial amount of time to process when evaluated over a relatively small document.For example, you'll want to ensure that your app retrieves files only from trusted sites, and that the file it retrieves doesn't contain malicious data.The Xml Url Resolver class is used to load XML documents and to resolve external resources such as entities, DTDs, or schemas, and import or include directives.

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