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These songs are a soundtrack built for coming to grips with, not just one’s own mortality, but the fragility of the world, presenting sounds that carry the realness of ancestral trauma and the search of identity.------ MY NAME IS LUZ ELENA MENDOZA AND THE QUESTION OF IDENTITY HAS BEEN ON MY HEART.I AM A EXTENSION OF MY MOTHER, MY FATHER, MY BROTHER, MY ANCESTORS, MY FRIENDS, MY COMMUNITY.I AM WHAT I HAVE CONSUMED AND WHAT I HAVE BEEN AFFECTED BY, THE HARD AND THE GOOD IN THIS WORLD.With all of these, we are gifted a series of new projects that reflect something more honest, open, wounded and powerful. Luz Elena Mendoza returns to themes of searching, metamorphosis, shared humanity, and a faith that is greater than just religion.Born in San Francisco as a first generation daughter of immigrant parents from Michoacan Mexico, she spent her childhood raised by the melodies and stories that were being told through traditional Mexican folk songs.

She works as a Physical Scientist for the Canadian Ice Service in Ottawa and she can do just that!

Throughout the camp, he comes home every night with new facts and figures, and a lot of excitement.

I am grateful there is such a camp that encourages Science, Technology, Engineering and Math throughout the summer months in a fun and positive atmosphere.

Our philosophy is that children learn while they have fun and if they have fun while learning we have a chance to bridge the gap between students and the real world.

Through summer camp educational experiences, we prepare them for a world where most of the employment will be in STEM-related career opportunities. STEM Camp’s challenge is: build the tallest 3D straw structure you can, and at the top, add a Canadian flag. Follow these steps: 1 – Build the “biggest 3D straw […] Frances Wagner’s story starts with a curious child that loved to discover new things in the world around her. Wagner spent her youth exploring the Muskoka’s; she even convinced her brother to help her catalogue every species of lichen near their childhood cottage.

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