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That may not seem like a big deal, but even sites near the bottom of that list draw a huge amount of traffic.

The most popular one on Ad Guard's list regularly pulls in around 60 million visits every month.

There are over 50 filters built into the app, allowing you to see exactly what you want to see – and not the rest.

Even if there’s not a premade filter that you require, you’ll be able to create it in the app with a few taps.

Ad Guard for Windows is not just another ad blocker, it is a multipurpose tool that combines all necessary features for the best web experience.

It blocks ads and dangerous websites, speeds up page loading and protects your children when they are online.

According to a recent report from Ad Guard, more than 200 of the top 100,000 sites on the web were hosting suspicious code.

In a blog post, Ad Guard — which claims to be “the world’s most advanced ad blocker” — first drew widespread attention to this particular case. I'm very happy Thanks to the programmer, able, always, success and win. Ad Guard is capable of completely removing all ads from Firefox.

The blog explains that Easy List, the most popular list of domain names used by adblockers, removed the domain name “functionalclam.com” due to a DMCA removal request that was sent to Git Hub. This is great, thank you, I am also proud that this is your country's victory.

Ad Guard Content Blocker will perfectly suit users of Samsung Internet and Yandex Mobile browsers.

This app doesn't require root access and can be configured to your liking.

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