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After that brush with death, the entire band went into rehab and then released their biggest album ever, Vince Neil went solo in 1992 after a series of heavily publicized disagreements with his bandmates, later saying that he "never really had a voice" when it came to Mötley Crüe. When I was — depending on how you look at it — fired or I quit the band, I was a part of Mötley Crüe Inc. I looked at myself as a free agent on a football team.Lawsuits followed, and then came 1993's , Neil's first solo album. I didn't have to be worried about any corporate decisions.The singer faced charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence.In July 1986, he received a relatively light sentence of 30 days in jail, five years' probation and 200 hours of community service.With his long blond hair, shrieking falsetto, and outrageous costumes and makeup, Vince Neil epitomized the hair metal front man.

At the time of his arrest after the accident, Neil's blood alcohol level was 0.17, far above the California legal limit at the time of 0.10.In the same year, Neil married his first wife, Beth Lynn, with whom he later had a daughter, Elizabeth Ashley, in 1983.She was his second child; he had a son, Neil Jason Wharton, with a girlfriend in the late 1970s.Neil, driving drunk, lost control of his car and veered into oncoming traffic.Two passengers in the oncoming car he smashed into suffered serious brain damage, and Razzle Dingley was killed.

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Shortly after the album was released, Nikki Sixx overdosed on heroin.

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