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The premiere episode also saw Larry foisting his inept but disabled assistant (Carrie Brownstein) onto Susie Greene (Susie Essman) after Jimmy Kimmel first foisted her onto Larry, breaking up a lesbian wedding by insisting the bride wasn't "bridey" enough to be the one wearing the gown and reuniting with many of his old pals, including his ex-wife Cheryl David, who is played by Cheryl Hines. We see how that impacts his social life, his friends.

In a chat below, Schaffer explains why they are so fearlessly not politically correct, teases the surprises in store — including unannounced guest stars — and weighs in on some of the seeds that were planted in the premiere. It permeates the entire season, but not in ways you’d expect.

But once you see the other ones, you will understand. In the premiere alone, Larry is antagonizing the Islamic community, lesbians, his disabled assistant with a history of molestation and he also questions PTSD. That happened to me.” So he gets to play both sides of that. The joke I always say is that we know where the line is — because we can look back and see it.

Are you worried about how people might react and was that something you spoke about when making the season? Larry’s genius is that he knows innately when to really step on the gas and when to throttle up and down on a subject and how to hit it. It’s back there in the distance, somewhere over there! It’s finding the funny way to do a subject that most people wouldn’t touch.

There's Lauren Graham, Elizabeth Banks, Nick Offerman and Elizabeth Perkins, who is amazing and plays Marty Funkhouser's (Bob Einstein) girlfriend who he is in love with and a little afraid of. All these great people came into the show, but there are a few very special guest stars that we are not telling anyone about that you are just going to have to watch and see.

We needed these very specific people for these very specific reasons and we wrote the episodes never asking if they were available or interested — because we are the dumbest people on the planet. Through some scheduling back-flips it did work, and it came out even better than I could have thought. How did you go about setting the vibe for the entire season?

wacky, cynical world for Larry David to ruin your day.

We kept thinking about what he could have been doing and landed on him working on something. ” The back end of the season ends in a way that you would never know going from where we started. Lots of stuff happens between the first and fifth episode that makes the fifth episode make sense.

Right now, we look schizophrenic by saying it is a big deal and then in five, it’s not a big deal. When aired years ago, it was a much less politically correct world that didn't have social media.

HBO announced the show was returning shortly after.

Schaffer, who is back to executive produce the season alongside David and Garlin, says the unpredictable and supersized 10 episodes end in a way that has the potential to set up a tenth run.

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