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The objection fails to see that by allowing donors to be paid, the increase in the quantity supplied of kidneys will benefit low-income patients by reducing the time they spend on waiting lists.

There is nevertheless a way to avoid this objection based on income inequality.

Market necessities / Some economists try to make the world a better place by recommending better public policy. Jones to give up hers at the same time and place to Mrs. Doctors perform the transplants in a kidney trading cycle simultaneously in order to prevent the possibility that a directed donor cannot or will not give up a kidney after his or her loved one has already received one.

Roth makes the world better by designing markets so that they work better. The problem with simultaneous operations is that they bump into resource constraints because of the limited availability of doctors, nurses, and facilities.

"Market design" is the set of rules according to which buyers and sellers interact; it is also the making of those rules. Last year, doctors at Yale-New Haven Hospital performed a nine-way cycle. In contrast to a trading cycle in which a donor expects a loved one to receive a kidney, a "non-directed donor" initiates a chain that will include "some patient-donor pairs, and end with a donation to someone on the waiting list." Another significant benefit of a chain is that transplants may occur non-simultaneously. A non-directed donor relaxes those constraints; he or she donates to Mr. Jones fails for some reason to reciprocate, no one has donated without a loved one receiving a kidney. Smith may remain in the kidney exchange as a donor to benefit his wife at some point in time.

His address interested me enough to pick up the book and write this review.

In it, he proclaims, "The new economics of market design brings science to matchmaking, and to markets generally. "My hope," he tells readers, "is that this book will help you see markets in new ways." If there is a shortage in the market for a commodity, economists predict that buyers will bid higher prices and sellers will accept the higher prices in return for increasing the quantity supplied.

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For example, school choice requires that parents "list their true preferences" for schools, which may differ from what they think they might get based on the school board's assignment criteria. Decongesting markets / Another factor impedes trading.

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