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Windows 10 Transformation Pack enables you to access the Metro interface which includes several gadgets.

You are not deprived of the “Start” button, which maintains its features for helping you gain access to frequently used programs and activate shutdown options, such as shutdown, restart, lock, and log off, in addition to Start Menu tiles and settings.

The “Search” function launches the default web browser and lets you perform search operations on Google.

Additionally, you may unpin programs from the Start screen, change the color of the live tiles, as well as make use of Windows 10 wallpapers and change the background of the log on/log off/lock screen, sound scheme and Start Button icon.

Initially, all IP traffic on the protected port is blocked except for DHCP packets.

After a client receives an IP address from the DHCP server, or after static IP source binding is configured by the administrator, all traffic with that IP source address is permitted from that client. This filtering limits a host’s ability to attack the network by claiming a neighbor host’s IP address.

To retain the bindings across switch reloads, you must use the DHCP snooping database agent.Without this agent, the bindings established by DHCP snooping are lost upon switch reload. Reference: Static DHCP snooping binding defines a mapping between a fixed IP address and the client’s MAC address.Each entry in the DHCP snooping binding database includes the MAC address of the host, the leased IP address, the lease time, the binding type, and the VLAN number and interface information associated with the host.If the MAC address and IP address and the corresponding port do not match the snooping database entry, the ARP packets are dropped.DAI thus prevents the node from specifying a non-legitimate IP-MAC address binding which differs from what was given by the DHCP server.

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