Updating zip file java

Please note that ZIP files store file modification times with a granularity of 2 seconds.

If a file is less than 2 seconds newer than the entry in the archive, Apache Ant will not consider it newer.

A ZIP archive created by one library may extract files with "wrong timestamps" when extracted by another library.

Whether the file modification times will be rounded up to the next even number of seconds.

If Windows' "compressed folders" is your primary consumer, then your best option is to explicitly set the encoding to the target platform.

You may want to enable creation of Unicode extra fields so the tools that support them will extract the file names correctly.

To download the Zip4j library, go to its zip4j download page and download it’s latest version (zip4j_1.3.2till today). Now, you can use below code to create a password protected archive.import

Zip4j Constants; public class Create Password Protected Zip Example There are other useful usecases, you can look into it’s source distribution [zip4j_examples_eclipse_1.3.2.zip] as well.

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The prior to Java 7 but archivers that support it will show the correct file names.

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