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Service pack 3 was released in November 2002, this updated both the Community and Retail Editions to version 1.3.Thus all USA versions are commonly known as Trainz 1.3.Stopping and starting the movement of trains is far easier under this mode.It emulates the operation of a real-world DCC control knob that one might use on a physical model railroad (which is represented graphically on the screen), and is easy to understand in terms of operation.Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 incorporated a load of technical changes and these required many bug fixes that were released as the four service packs released through 20.

Service packs 1 (April), 2 (June) and 3 (November) were each released in 2002, these progressively updated the Community Edition, Trainz 1.0 to versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 successively.

The simulator itself encompasses several modules: Surveyor, Driver, and Railyard, and in some versions, Scenarios.

Outside the main program there is a Database manager for the installed library of content; content error checker; a user-created content uploader; download manager and content importer/exporter running as a windows program called Content Manager (CM). Here, the user can shape the landscape, paint with ground textures, lay tracks, and place buildings.

As such, hills can become a struggle to climb or a problem to descend safely.

In contrast to Cab mode, DCC is a simpler physics model.

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