Updating thumbnails

If your icons appear blank or look corrupted or do not refresh correctly, when they should, then it is quite possible that your icon cache database may have become corrupted in on your Windows 10 PC. If they do not display correctly, then they may have become corrupted.

In such a scenario, you may need to delete the cache files in order to rebuild the Icon cache and clear the Thumbnail cache.

Then I'm back in Preview mode in Bridge and I can see the photograph that I processed and the changes that were made. When I preview and process photos from this camera, the thumbnails are never updated with the processed image. Even if I close that folder and reopen it in Bridge, I still don't have a preview of the processed images.

I've been processing photos from several cameras this way for years. If I reopen the photo in Camera Raw or Photoshop, sure enough, I can see the changes, the photo IS processed.

In addition the entire process was based on some project specific pre condition.

In this Windows 10 guide, we'll walk you through the process to recreate the thumbnail database using the Disk Cleanup tool and Command Prompt to solve this problem.

The easiest way to rebuild the thumbnail cache on Windows 10 is using the Disk Cleanup tool.

A lot has changed since then, but a lot of the improvements are in less used areas and not this we use everyday like the thumbnails or redefining the ISO view.

Update active directory properties from an application is not a frequent scenario.

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If your desktop or explorer icons load slowly when they start the Windows PC, you may want to increase Icon Cache size and see if it helps you.

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