Updating rows in datatable

Is this a possibility in LINQ (I'm completely new to LINQ)?

I think this is enough code to make sense of what I'm doing, but if more is needed just let me know and I can post it up as well.

my question is that, how can i update in phone_table and it is not in column…

As of now, the application runs perfectly and does exactly what I need it to, but the problem comes in when a large data set is reviewed.

This method uses the Sql Data Adapter to populate a Data Set.

Once you are in a working copy, you can go ahead and update your data right in the grid!In order to update the values, first unselect the checkbox, you can then add text to the box.Once you have added values to the row, click save to add the row.now i have to add 91 before the 10 digit phone numbers… Jain Thanks for your reply, I dont need for all the rows because some will have by default as 91…

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in the inner loop after a match is found - but reverting the order of the 2 loops) - but leaving the complexity order to O(n^2).

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