Updating immigrant visa name change

Some states can do name changes on the spot where other states drag the process out for over three months.

Check with your county court to learn the exact process, fees and turnaround for your state.

You should advise us of a change of contact details including your email address while you hold a visa. You should advise us of a change of passport details if you currently hold a visa, as your visa is associated with your passport.

If you are notifying us of a new name on your passport, you should provide official evidence of the name change, for example certified copies of the name change certificate or marriage certificate.

If you have had your name changed by court order, you may still travel on a foreign passport issued under a different name, or a LPR card (green card) in the a former name, but you should carry your court ordered name change document with you as you may be asked to prove your identity.

Unless you have a green card in your new name, you may encounter challenges when opening or changing your accounts into your new name.

The form is available as part of your Easy Name Change kit.

The full list of aceptable documents can be found here, some of the certificates that can be used include: marriage (including same sex), civil union, domestic parnership, foreign marriage, foreign divorce or annulment, naturalization, US court order, Canadian issued document.Note that this is in addition to whatever charge the courts have for a legal name change and it is a separate process.You can read more about a court ordered name change on our site.The biographical page of your passport is the page that contains your photograph, personal details and the issue/expiry dates.Tell us if your circumstances change after you have lodged your application (family changes such as marriage, relationship breakdown, new defacto relationship, give birth to a child, or change your employer).

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When your name changes you start by updating your SSN, then all other records.

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