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It lets you view and delete temporary files used by the Java Plug-in, which allows Java technology to be used by your Web browser to run applets; and Java Web Start, which allows you to run Java applications over the network.

It allows you to control certificates, making it safe to run applets and applications over the network.

For Solaris, Linux, or Mac OS X, only version 5.0 or higher should be added.The Java Runtime Environment Settings dialog looks like the following on Microsoft Windows: Each row in the Java Runtime Versions panel represents a Java Runtime Environment that is installed in your computer.You may modify the value in each cell by double-clicking it: Click the Find button to launch the JRE Finder.You can override the Java Plug-in default startup parameters by specifying custom options in the Java Runtime Parameters field.With the exception of setting Assertion is disabled in Java Plug-in code by default.

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Microsoft Windows will show all JREs installed on a computer.

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