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) deck, although also no surrender and I assume for more than min.Based on some of my friends' reports, Ellis Island (near the strip, but mostly for locals, I think) has tables that are 3:2, and also double (or triple? Paris LV has 3:2 in the pit next to Gustav's bar (roughly the middle of the casino).The pit has sort of a long dark wood gazebo built over it.Slot machines include both three and five reel variations with great payouts, fun minigames, and exciting themes.Blackjack can be played in two fun settings: a back alley casino and a luxurious riverboat casino.Make sure all casinokit scripts are up to date, so you don't have issues caused by different versions of casinokit. The old version had very limited options, and was actually made with some pretty messy code.

The party pit nearer the doors onto LV Blvd are all 6:5.I am going to Vegas this Thursday and wondering if there is any or min 3:2 left on the strip. The min BJ next to the Asian pit (facing min-bacc) is 3:2 as well. BJ there is mostly min all the time, and at least 1 table is 3:2, possibly 2 of them; the rest are 6:5.You’ve taken the time to study your basic strategy tables diligently, committing all 260 combinations of hole cards versus a dealer up card – and the corresponding correct play – to memory.You know what the term “house edge” means, and just how valuable information can be when it comes to your bottom line.

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