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Notice the location for the MFC DLLs is a Microsoft Web site. Contents of spindial.inf: [mfc42installer] file-win32-x86= - File Version=5, 0, 4261, 0 [Mfc42.dll] - File Version=6, 0, 8168, 0 [Msvcrt.dll] - File Version=6, 0, 8168, 0 Active X controls used in Web pages should be marked as safe for scripting and safe for initializing if they are in fact safe.A safe control will not perform disk IO or access the memory or registers of a machine directly.When using your control on a Web page, there are additional considerations.The file and all supporting files must be on the target machine or be downloaded across the Internet.You can download the Cabinet Development Kit from the Knowledge Base article 310618: Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit.

The latest version of this topic can be found at Upgrading an Existing Active X Control.For details on how to create a CAB file, see Creating a CAB File.The following example, spindial.inf, lists the supporting files and the version information needed for the MFC Spindial control.Controls can be marked as safe for scripting and safe for initializing via the registry. You will define GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) for your control to mark it safe for scripting and for persistence.Controls that can be safely scripted will contain a registry entry similar to the following: If you want to use a licensed control on a Web page, you must verify that the license agreement allows its use on the Internet and create a license package file (LPK) for it.

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An file will control the installation of an and its supporting files.

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