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That evening, a few friends and I partied in a club and the next day, I started reading hadith and didn’t leave the house.A day later, I started searching for somebody who could teach me how to pray in person.“He told me about Islam, asking me why I didn’t pray.

At work, Milana says, her colleagues were shocked by her decision, and believed that “some Caucasus guy was ‘recruiting’ me”.“Of course, he wasn’t with me for the whole time — he just dropped by occasionally to spend the night,” she says.“Then on the eve of Eid, after the holy month of Ramadan, he arrived and said he had a surprise.Her parents didn’t approve the marriage, but they had no say in her decision.“[My suitor’s] brothers and sister knew about the marriage, but he hid it from his wife and mother,” Milana says.

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