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He also had a great deal of input on the film’s marketing and release strategy, these sources said, advocating for a June debut in a prime summer period.

With terrible reviews, “The Mummy,” which insiders say cost as much as 0 million to make and more than 0 million more to market and release worldwide, may struggle to make its money back.

Kurtzman had been in the running to direct the project before Cruise signed on, but the actor gave his blessing for the filmmaker to slide behind the camera.They’d established a comfort level when Kurtzman worked as the screenwriter of “Mission: Impossible III.” In the wake of “The Mummy’s” failure, the decision to tap such an untested director on a sprawling action-adventure seems to have been foolhardy.Kurtzman wouldn’t necessarily rank high on a studio’s wish list for a project this big, given that he’s a producer and writer who only helmed one small feature that debuted to mixed reviews (2012’s Chris Pine drama “People Like Us”).Cruise has navigated the new landscape better than some–the “Mission: Impossible” franchise still makes money but other efforts such as “Oblivion” have disappointed.Going forward, he may have difficulty exerting the same kind of sway over other films.

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Even though Universal executives weren’t thrilled about the story — which feels disjointed and includes Russell Crowe as Dr. And the crew fell in line too, behind Cruise as the boss.

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