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Kourtney on a date with someone else while Scott stays sober and on track to patch things with her and in response, Scott Disick goes partying and hooks up with another girl? We are about half way down the Sunday's episode and it is Scott's night before his appearance at Dubai's Sugar Factory opening, he hears through a friend of a friend that Kourtney is out in LA on a date with a guy! Following the reveal Scott spurred, I don't think she realized a friend of my saw her.

Well, things are going entirely different this time! Well, at least, according to the latest KUWTK episode."These Fortune 500 executives would talk to me about relationships, romance, or some aspects of their love life and I realized that this is the area that is most important to people," says Karsner, also the romance coach for U-date, an online meeting service, and the founder of  "I have clients that are therapists, Fortune 500 executives, housewives, homemakers, and retired 75-year-olds," says Karsner, who is engaged.She works on an ad hoc basis for romance emergencies or on an ongoing basis.One coaching session costs /hour, but when customers buy three-month packages, they get a discount.

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"If you come into our office and are missing your bottom set of teeth or your weight is a problem, we set you straight," he says. "Let's say a client who went on a date with another client says: 'Paul is a nice guy, but he dwelled on his last relationship,' then we call Paul and say, 'You may want to refrain from talking about your past relationship next time.'" Â So, how do you keep the music playing once you find Mr. Â Godek, a romance lecturer based in Jolla, Calif., and the author of 1,001 Ways to be Romantic, practices what he preaches.

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