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Your first time is special and can set the tone for your sexuality for a long time to come. Become your own unique version of a porn star that’s true to who you are.Gigantic cocks, sex that lasts for days, ejaculations that look like Niagra Falls…What follows are some sex tips that you may find helpful in taking your love life to that next level.

While a quickie can be hot in and of itself, it’s important to remember your bottom goes to a LOT of trouble to make sure his “man cave” is clean for you in anticipation of some slip-and-slide action, so try to keep those wham-bam moments to a minimum.

It’s all about learning, experimenting through trial and error, and acquiring experience until we become comfortable, confident, and honed with our lovemaking skills before we reach that pinnacle of Sexual Olympian status.

And even when we think we’ve mastered our craft, we come to realize we can always learn new ways of being erotic and sexual that can heighten our intimate lives to a whole other dimension than we’d ever thought possible.

Get his anus ready for your monster by teasing and stimulating it with your fingers, tongue, dildo, the head of your penis, etc.

You want him writhing in ecstasy on the bed, begging to be taken before you mount him and show him a great time.

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Having sex requires accurate education, maturity, and emotional readiness, so make sure you meet all these prerequisites before contemplating your first time.

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