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The Chernobyl nuclear accident is widely regarded as the worst accident in the history of nuclear power.It is the only nuclear accident that has been classified a "major accident" by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

It is estimated that 200 people in Britain developed cancer because of Windscale, half of them fatal.

Those numbers are a subject of debate, however, as the Soviet Union did much to cover up the extent of the damage.

The World Health Organization reported the actual number of deaths related to Chernobyl was about 9,000.

Soviet nuclear knowledge had many holes, so it was impossible to know whether some decisions made in the construction were safe.

As it turned out, many of those decisions seriously compromised the plant's facility.

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At first, they did not use water, because plant operators were worried the flames were so hot the water would break down instantly, and the hydrogen in the water would cause an explosion.

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