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But he told me it was because he never does it when I'm around or if he knows he's going to see me later in the day. I told him that if we were to progress to the level of marriage or lifelong commitment, this vice would indeed be a deal breaker.

Aside from the fact that it is illegal and unhealthy, smoking pot doesn't affect his finances, ability to pay his bills, his work ethic, or the way he is with me. At the same time, I want him to quit smoking (both types) for himself, not for me.

Maybe she taught him to put the toilet seat down and take out the trash.

Living with her was a sort of trial marriage for him.

He got to practice on her, and if they had pets, went on vacations and had close families, that's a good thing.

When he was in college he lived with his girlfrend for 3 years.

She has been married and divorced twice, with one child from each marriage. It really doesn't matter at all and in the long run there are so many more important issues.

Because of already having two children with separate last names, she is concerned about changing her last name to mine and the effect it would have on her children. In today's world there are so many blended families that everyone has different last names and nobody thinks about it twice. If the two of you are happy together, if you love her and she loves you, if your children can get along, if you support and respect each other, then go for it.

She wants me to consider having her keep her current last name, which is the same as her second child even after we are married. As for how the children will feel, they will get used to the idea that they have different last names.

I don't feel comfortable being married to someone with their ex-husband's last name. Don't let then even think for a minute that you consider it a problem and they won't either. Tracy I am 25 and have been dating a thoughtful, attentive and incredibly caring guy for about 5 months now.

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Now that was are living together for the first time now I can see how close they were, and it is making me jealous. Your husband's past is what makes him the man he is and the person you love.

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