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I’m sure that many others within the anti-vaccine movement have genuinely good intentions, and do honestly believe that vaccines are harmful.But as a certain astrophysicist recently said “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it”.

However, it wasn't until after Kawahara won the prize in 2008 with Updated Re-release, with Karen Kohiruimaki (LLENN) as a support character; with three playables and two support, SAO became the series with the most representation in that game. But vaccines are subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than any other medicine. They say that “natural infection” is better than vaccination. They say that vaccines haven’t been rigorously tested for safety.But children consume more aluminum in natural breast milk than they do in vaccines, and far higher levels of aluminum are needed to cause harm.They say that the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (and/or the “vaccine court”) proves that vaccines are harmful. They say that the normal vaccine schedule is too difficult for a child’s immune system to cope with. They say that if other people’s children are vaccinated, there’s no need for their children to get vaccinated.

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However, he surpassed the page limit for the contest, so he instead published it as a web novel under the pseudonym Fumio Kunori.

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