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Because, whatever was happening was funny, just this little blonde girl in a chicken shop, with, like, Stylo G.

It was just a weird situation and super awkward and it was just like how the show’s filmed now, but I was so nervous filming it.

I started Chicken Shop Date when I was back in college.

I remember getting an email from one of my tutors about this youth club called The Cut that was making a magazine as part of its programme.

They wouldn’t sort of believe enough in the idea to take it forward, so I thought, “Okay then, I’m just going to turn [the concept] into a video”.

They were looking for contributors under 21 and I’d always thought that I’d wanted to do something in magazines.

I don’t know if I ever thought I wanted to be a journalist, but at one point I did want to be the Editor of .

It’s a whole other level of putting yourself out there isn’t it. It’s a whole other level and I wanted to do it well and I didn’t know who would film it, we didn’t have any budget or know how I was going to do it.

So, the first episode was filmed with Ghetts because the only PR who ever helped us out at The Cut had just started looking after Ghetts, so we thought he would be really into it.

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