Speed dating in boston ma

This organization really needs to hire actual event planners.

Little tip- if you say you're going to provide appetizers for 20 something people, don't just put out 6 chicken fingers and 1 personal sized pizza.

Our 1st event was canceled due to low sign ups, likely due to snow. Everything seemed fine, nothing throwing up a red flag. We let all remaining daters know that unfortunately the event was removed from the event schedule at the request of fellow daters.

We both received notice the day of the event that it was cancelled due to too a lack of participants although they were sold out on their website the week before and so they were willing to move the date to another week.

I thought I was just giving honest feedback which they say they would love to receive but I guess they only want positive feedback and don't take constructive criticism well.

So, I will not be using my voucher as they seemed to have inadvertently revoked it anyway.

Sorry you are so upset - we sent notices to all daters.

We are extremely understanding of daters rescheduling needs - so if this upsets you.

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