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Your grade-schooler is also exposed to lots of opinions, ideas, and misconceptions that come from other children.He's likely to believe the "facts" he hears from his friends, no matter how outrageous they are.The law requires that all students be up-to-date as medically feasible in order to attend classes.The immunization vaccine requirements for each grade level are listed on the Katy ISD website.Take advantage of questions that come up when you're both at ease — in the family room, on a walk, or during those quiet moments when you're tucking her into bed.The car is also a great place to talk, since having to keep your eyes on the road allows you to avoid eye contact, which may help you stay more relaxed.

When he hears your answers, he might take them in stride or he might react with a loud "Yuck!

" This is a clear — and healthy — sign that he's just not ready to learn more details about sex yet.

Most children under the age of 8 can't, and don't need to, grasp the actual mechanics of sex, and discussions of erections, periods, labor, and other aspects of sexuality may frighten them. It's not easy to keep from cringing when your child asks you what a "boner" is.

For more information, contact the Katy ISD Health Services department at (281) 396-2629.

Katy ISD follows the Texas Department of State Health Services recommendation for immunization compliance in order for a student to attend school.

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