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As Sakamoto learns more about Iida, including his passion for photography, he also learns more about himself, and about the feelings that have begin to grow between the two of them.No Color is originally serialized in Dear magazine, and is one of the early works of Natsume Isaku, who is most known for his other work, Tight Rope.Perhaps it’s also Hideyoshico’s sketchy-style artwork, but reading this manga feels like it’s taking you to a dream-like world where everything is okay and perfect.It’s a good read when you’re in emotional pain after reading angst!

Shounen-ai isn’t the genre that depicts realistic homosexual relationship, of course, but that is also why it’s all fiction.There’s also the sad, but still warm story between Kana and Yuuji that might bring you to tears, but then that would be healed once you read the sweet love story between Sakaki and the angel Yuki, as well as Sora and Midori on the last chapter!Possibly the cutest work of Hideyoshico ever, Positive-kun and Negative-kun is about the relationship between two high school boys who are the opposites of one another in basically everything.Yoake ni Furu is a sequel of a manga by Hayakawa Nojiko, titled Yozora no Sumikko de, which focused on a love story between Sudou and Hoshino, a single father and his son’s elementary school teacher.While it’s a very cute and moving story, Yoake ni Furu gives a new dimension to it as it began the story with a focus on Yozora no Sumikko de main character’s son, Sudou Shouta, and his childhood friend (and former bully) Daiki.

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Having a full-schedule, a lot to study, and are majoring in law, Sakamoto does not need a loud neighbor who keeps him awake at night!

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