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For queer female celebrities, coming out is only the beginning.

Can an artist like Halsey — bisexual, biracial, and transitioning from internet to mainstream fame — avoid the pressure to straighten her image?

But 2015, which saw her opening for The Weeknd and Imagine Dragons, was only the beginning.

Others have included everyone from Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls, to Courtney Barnett and Laura Jane Grace, to Syd tha Kyd and Angel Haze (who was assigned female at birth but identifies as agender).

Countless girls over the last 60 years fell in love for the first time with the likes of a Beatle or a Backstreet Boy; their fandom has sustained pop from the get-go.

But for the girls who eventually realize they’re attracted to masculine or androgynous women, there has long since been a dearth of mainstream singers capable of inciting their sexual awakenings.

But the drama soon died down, and Steele now remembers it with nothing but fondness and delight. It was so beautiful, honestly.”Those kisses were one of the ways that Halsey had told her queer and questioning fans: I’m just like you.

Kissing Halsey helped her realize she’s a lesbian.“I always thought about girls that way, you know,” Steele said. But there aren’t many new fan kiss shots circulating on Tumblr or Twitter lately, indicating that perhaps Halsey isn’t making a habit of it anymore.

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