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Importantly, viewers learned that "It's OK to be single in your 30s and 40s and its OK to initiate a relationship and/or sex," she tells Web MD.

Thanks to Sex and the City, we know that "sex toys are OK and fun and are not taboo," she says.

She is referring to Charlotte's diagnosis of vulvodynia after reporting symptoms of vaginal burning, itching, and stinging to her gynecologist.

"Right now, the show is teaching women to go and get a mammogram, and that's fantastic," Cadell says, referring to the current storyline in which the promiscuous Samantha Jones (played by Kim Catrall) is diagnosed with breast cancer after consulting with a plastic surgeon about breast implants.

While she did encourage her first husband to seek therapy for impotence and he was eventually able to have sex, it did not save their marriage, and Charlotte ultimately wed her divorce attorney (with whom her quest to have a baby carries on).

Miranda Hobbes (played by actress Cynthia Nixon) "is a smart, professional woman and the one of the four women who has the most educated professional background, but she seemed to find it mutually exclusive to a partner," Saltz says.

In her quest to have a child, Charlotte tried hormone treatments, acupuncture, and considered adoption.

The show deftly illustrated that there are not necessarily quick fixes to this problem.

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