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Since last year's fes- tivities, there has been a com- plete overhaul of the PRE Ori- entation program.More structure, more long term staff training, and an enforced alcohol and drug free pledge kept the bike tracks out of Elliot this year and on the trails where they belong.• The best way to handle the ac- tual sale of the books has not yet been decided, and suggestions are still being presented. D., Yale University Antonio Momplet, Brown Foundation Fellow and Visiting Professor of Spanish and Art Ph. The writers of the rule assume that whenever two people of the opposite sex are in the same dor- mitory room after hours, they are engaged in some kind of depraved fornication.Students might find each other and nego- tiate a fair price. D., Universidad Complutense de Madrid Elizabeth Motlow, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts Teaching advanced photography advent semester Mark W. Of course, this assumption is entirely unreasonable.Some emaciated fresh- men did complain about the culi- nary options, however. Word has it that after the 1989 report was released, Elizabeth Chitty, associate histo- riographer of the University, said, "the great university has labored and brought forth a mouse." In- deed. Williamson no better use for his time and ener- gies than to direct this institu- tional mirror-gazing?Freshman Ryland Moore believes, "They tried to get us to lose the 'fresh- man 15' before we gained it! Shorts and picks pg 2 Searing Editorial pg 4 Sports Calender pg 5 The Man Who was Prince pg 6 Comics pg 8 Page 2 NEWS The Sewanee Purple Sept. The dearly-held notion that Sewanee is a Christian university has aged gracelessly (rather like the VC's ermine cloak): the vi- sion has faded beyond repair since the University ceased mandatory chapel service for students in 1967.• A semester course-list and book- list would be made available to students prior to the book sale. A Heavy Cross to Bear (Again) by Kevin West Editor Visitation Once again this year, the archaic visitation rule rears its ugly head. Friday and Saturday nights." The stated rea- son for the rule is that "a roommate's right to free access to the room must not be abridged by visitation." Why, then, only prohibit members of the opposite sex from visiting?•Signs, e-mail messages and mailings would inform students of the time, place, and date of the sale. "In order to make dormitory life pleasant and safe for everyone," the Student Handbook begins on page 49, "dormitories... No one has yet offered a rational explanation for why al- lowing late-night visitation from the opposite sex disrupts privacy, while allowing same-sex visita- tion does not.

The hikes provided famil- iarity with the campus and all the beauty it has to offer. The first was con- ducted in the spring of 1989, and it produced a final written report.

There is a growing interest for an open-market book sale run en- tirely by students. D., Univeristy of Michigan Ben Szapiro, Assistant Professor of Physics Two-year appointment M. D., University of Buenos Aires Deborah Wheeler, Assistant Professor of Political Science B. Letters to the editor are welcomed and should be mailed directly to The Purple, deposited in The Purple's drop box on the University com- puter network, or sent via E-mail.

The idea is sparked on the one hand by the University Bookstore's current high prices for books and text- books and, on the other hand, by its low buy-back rates at the end of the semester. Letters to the editor must be signed with the writer's name, telephone number, year of graduation or relationship to the University. Vie Purple reserves the right to edit letters for language, length, or matters of excessively poor taste.

Or students could mail a check or cash to one another. Nichols, Assistant Professor of Economics Three-year appointment. People of both sexes can gather in a dorm room to watch movies, listen to music, pray, talk to each other, play on the computer, or do a multitude of other legitimate ac- The Vice-Chancellor's speech at opening convocation had, in marked contrast to his speeches from years past, at least one note- worthy moment.

The intention of a student-run book sale would be that everyone would obtain as many used books as possible for a reasonable price, while making a fair profit on the books they would sell. Sayed 's efforts to organize a student-run book sale are ongoing. It came early on, when the VC announced that the University of the South will be undertaking a discussion of what it means to be a Christian univer- sity in 1994.

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