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How many can afford to freeze their eggs, and then pay for IVF too?

Advances in fertility technology have created false perceptions, says Notkin, who writes that people talk about freezing eggs as if it’s picking up a carton of milk.

She enjoys jewellery making, design and cinema—and she really loves children, enough to devote her life to teaching drama and French in primary school.

But Delisle knew as a teenager she couldn’t have kids, a fact she was in denial about for years, she says.

In 2008, she launched the “multi-platform lifestyle brand” suggests gifts, details activities from making dough animals to “Skype dance-offs,” and even confers the “Savvy Auntie Best Toy Award” on worthy merchandise.

“We think there is a room called childlessness with two doors: ‘didn’t want’ or ‘can’t have,’ ” says Jody Day, the writer and social entrepreneur behind , a network based in London, England, for the “childless-by-circumstance” (dubbed “No Mos”). census revealed 47.1 per cent of women of child-bearing age don’t have children—up from 35 per cent in 1976.“The assumption is that if you wanted a kid, you would have a kid and go it alone.But that’s not viable for a lot of women.” People see Halle Berry giving birth at 47 and think it’s the new norm, she notes. “All we hear is miracle stories, not that it usually doesn’t work over age 40.” The fact that discussion about childlessness is framed in terms of personal choice, failure and medical infertility shuts down conversation, says Day.It’s a big problem for women born in the ’70s, says Day, who experienced social infertility herself: she married at 23 and tried to get pregnant in her late 20s; her 16-year marriage ended when she was 39 and considering IVF.“I couldn’t find a suitable person to do IVF with,” she says.

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