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— While up to 120 men can live together in Pennsylvania, it is illegal for more than 16 women to do so, since this could constitute a brothel.— It is illegal in Utah to marry your first cousin before the age of 65.and Mrs." when checking into a motel, then you’re legally considered husband and wife.— In Oklahoma, if you’re arrested for soliciting a prostitute, your name and picture will be shown on TV.— It is illegal for men in Minnesota to have intimate sexual relationships with a live fish.— If you’re a member of the Nevada legislature, you cannot conduct business, while in session, wearing a penis costume.Sex toys are banned in some states, such as Alabama. But rather than go into a diatribe on the need for the government to stay out of our private sexual affairs, I think a good laugh is in order.

Even Married Couples Can’t Misbehave One would think that tying the knot is your ticket to paradise. — In Oblong, Ill., it’s illegal to have sex on your wedding day if you’re fishing or hunting.Just So You Know In case you were thinking about it, any of the following can get you into trouble ...— If you’re unmarried in North Carolina and you and your lover register yourselves as a "Mr.— Sex with an animal is perfectly legal for men in Washington state, as long as the animal weighs less than 40 pounds.— It is illegal for a man to fire his gun in Connersville, Wis., when his lover reaches climax.

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— In Nebraska, couples sleeping at a hotel must wear the clean, cotton nightshirt provided by the hotel, even when they have sex.

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