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By the way, I didn't have a FB page until 2 months ago. I know the last time I was single cell phones were still a pretty new thing, no such thing as Internet dating, and no one ever heard of Facebook. Is it harder now to date in the modern Internet age? EG Great looking person, but wants a long term relationship.. IDK, I just don't recall laying out my future to someone before ever meeting them...

I was told over and over that I couldn't do online dating - or, really, modern life - without one. What I also come to learn is what a good friend of mine said about online dating..

Interestingly enough, though, I seem to have hit upon the one shining redeeming quality of the online dating experience. If you learn the rules and you learn how to play the game, it becomes a whole bunch less stressful and dreadful. I dont take it too seriously and take it all with a grain of salt. And I met a man I am dating exclusively that I would have never met otherwise. A saw a similar thread about marriage but for us that are dating again I wondered the same. It pretty much makes it like buying something online..

People who want to "date" exclusively, but only online.You read some profiles and they post that they traveled the world twice and then notice they have a job that barely makes minimum wages..Or that at the age of 40, they are still trying to discover themselves, starting medical school or something crazy like that.. Just go on the date and ignore the profile for the most part..When I refer to online dating I am talking about POF and Tinder.When it's not about that, it's simply a numbers game. The good thing is that you can meet people/dates outside your social circle.

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