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Gothard that would later end in tragedy for many on his staff.

It is easy to report the havoc which transpired, but the difficult challenge is to reveal what caused it.

We were married shortly after she left the Institute.

God gave us two beautiful children, and then, after 13½ years together, our loving Savior decided He needed another flower in heaven and Ruth was gone.

Someone else would have to fight yesterday’s battle for her.

Before Ruth’s cancer, she fought the good fight; she had seen what the ATI program was doing to individuals, families, and churches.

Gothard’s telephone call came asking if I would join his staff in Illinois, no one was more surprised or delighted than I.

I quickly arranged to take a leave of absence from my freshman year of college and boarded a plane for Chicago two days after Christmas, less than two weeks from the date of Mr. It seemed a strange time to leave my family, but Mr.

Ruth went so far as to reestablish contact with Bill, hoping she could be an agent of change. Today I’m sharing with you the story Ruth never wrote, but which she shared with me as we worked together to leave the past and create our future together.This task is both difficult and painful for it requires exposing the actions of a man so many hold in great esteem.There is no other way, however, to tell the true story or to provide the facts which may help you guard yourself and your family from the devastation which has left its mark on many lives, including my own. The memories were too painful, and she never had the opportunity to finish writing it. Her journey was long and difficult, filled with physical, emotional and spiritual pain.Gothard had clearly stated I must come immediately.Our respect and reverence for this man was so deep we never thought to question either his motives or his judgment.

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