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When Prince Albert visited the family abode last fall, it was the first time a Kelly family member had been “home” in decades.

An official city plaque stands on the property, honoring the Kelly family’s accomplishments.

They acted together in local theater productions, and later she accompanied her starlet sister to movie sets.

When Grace was killed, it was Lizanne, a stockbroker’s wife, who picked up the phone and heard a tearful Princess Caroline say, “Mommy died.” Lizanne passed away from cancer in 2009.

“We’ll put all the TV men down in the basement and leave the still [photography] men on the second floor . Now, some 60 years later, the once-grand red-brick Kelly house is once again in the spotlight.

However, in February 1975, a story appeared in one of the city’s dailies, declaring: “If Jack Kelly never becomes mayor he will probably have his mother to blame.” The Kelly family matriarch, Margaret, was beside herself over her son’s affair — so much so that she contacted two influential Democratic Party members and asked that Kell not receive the party’s endorsement for mayor.

Publicly, she said she did it because politics disrupts family life.

In his 2013 memoir “The Fat Lady Sang,” film producer Robert Evans claimed that the fairy-tale union was simply a business arrangement masterminded by Aristotle Onassis, who owned a lot of property in Monaco, to turn the postage-stamp-picturesque principality into a gambling mecca for the rich and famous.

“The right bride could do for Monaco’s tourism what the coronation of Queen Elizabeth did for Great Britain,” Rainier was told by Onassis, a partner in the syndicate that owned a casino in Monaco.

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