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My problem with the world is that it seems to think it is possible to embrace the rights of sex workers and still stigmatize the men who employ them.

I am in a happy monogamish marriage, and I enjoy a very good, vanilla-but-bordering-on-tantric sex life with my wife.

After we were finished, he indicated that he might hit me up again.

Do you think I should continue with the massage and "happy ending" in hopes he will someday feel comfortable enough to reciprocate?

Apparently, he's a straight guy who wanted to experiment with men in a very limited way. But after he came, I was really aching for release myself.

But as I stated earlier, he made it clear he did not want to reciprocate.

My quarrel with you has to do with your oft-repeated advice that people should break things off with partners who don't perform oral sex." Just Seems Rude People who are courteous to strangers ("Excuse me, can I squeeze past you?") and contemptuous with intimate partners ("Do you have to stand there, you fucking dumbass?I recently posted an online ad for a jack-off buddy.I got a response from a man who turned out to be a gorgeous, young Sri Lankan dude with a huge, beautiful uncut cock.

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