Session saveorupdate not updating

if I call Active() it throughs null pointer tx.commit() is not throwing any exception. Null Pointer Exception at org.hibernate.transaction. Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Native Method Accessor at sun.reflect.This is the exception showing in server(JBoss) ,437 ERROR [Log Interceptor] Runtime Exception in method: public abstract void com.groups. Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor at reflect.

JPA’s merge method copies the state of a detached entity to a managed instance of the same entity.

to store the changes of a detached entity in the database.

That’s why a lot of developers are wondering which of these methods they should use.

This might be a problem if your DBA registered an update trigger for the database table.

In these situations, you can annotate your entity with ,530 INFO Test Persist Save Merge:121 - Before commit ,531 DEBUG SQL:92 - select, author_.first Name as first Nam2_0_, author_Name as last Name3_0_, author_.version as version4_0_ from Author author_ where

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,368 INFO Test Persist Save Merge:237 - Save entity ,482 DEBUG SQL:92 - select tbl.next_val from hibernate_sequences tbl where tbl.sequence_name=? ,584 INFO Test Persist Save Merge:240 - Commit transaction ,655 DEBUG SQL:92 - insert into Author (first Name, last Name, version, id) values (? The only ones that remain are 2 corner cases in which Hibernate might delay the retrieval of the primary key, the return type of the method and the support by other JPA implementations.

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