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Explore the Telerik Public Issue Tracking system and vote to affect the priority of the items. Hi Kr Kr: I'm having the same issue with Row Validating. Otherwise, please provide us with a reduced version of the problematic project, so that we can easily examine it on our side. Hello Mathias, Having discussed this request with our developers, we decided to provide the solution with the use of the ASPx Grid View. Please take a look at the Grid Editing - Validation online demo and Examples section of Row Validation and Error Indication to see this approach in action. Anyways, I guess I'll have to go with Row Validating then.Normally in an ASPx Grid View when we click the Edit link the columns contained in the grid will be displayed in the Edit Form. Edit Form = new Detail Grid Template("Edit Form", this.If you want to display a grid on clicking the edit link you have to create a template class and assign the template class to the grid's Edit Form Template. Page);where Detail Grid Template is a class derived from ITemplate.Unfortunately, there is not a very clean work-around for the Row Validating issues. Currently, we are working on a major Rad Grid View revision, which will bring a lot of improvements and new features including validating scenarios.

Then, I can do the kind of compariing you talked about under the Value Change event of the cell: Private Sub RGV_Std Enrl_Value Changing(By Val sender As System.

If they do, I set cancel to true both for the row validation and the form close. Hello Ruth Goldberg, Thank you for sharing your work-around.

We are aware of Row Validating issues and we are going to improve this functionality in future. Value Then Msg Box("Here, I'm comparing the value entered in one cell to the existing value in the cell under the column 'Col Attn'.") End If End If End If End If End Sub This seems to work quite well for me. Regards, Justin I am using Q3 2010, but my validation events are still not firing when I leave the grid.

When we click on existing row, it turned to edit mode and Row Validating event fired. Could you please check how the attached project works?

If it works well, please try to modify it to reproduce this issue, and send the project back to us.

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