Roger federer were not dating

“And the positive point is he can play two tournaments before Wimbledon.

You don’t have the guarantee to always come back and immediately win the tournament.“For Roger, it’s not that easy, even if people think it looks like that.

“You don’t have the guarantee that you are not getting hurt, but really the knee is in perfect shape, so that luckily was not an issue.”Federer’s team ultimately decided that it was not worth the risk to make the transition to clay for just one event.“For the body, with the change of surface, at one stage, you maybe pay the price for it a little bit,” Lüthi said.“If he is Picasso, maybe I am an artist too – but one that is a lot less well-known.I can’t compare myself to his style, that would just be arrogant.Federer won the title at Roland Garros in 2009 and has reached the final four other times.In his statement, he said he looked forward to seeing the French fans in Paris next year, but at this stage of his career, with little left to prove and plenty of mileage on his balletic frame, there are no certainties.“I’m very confident that Roger will play the French Open again,” Severin Lüthi, Federer’s longtime coach and close friend, said in a telephone interview from Switzerland on Monday. It’s not because he’s not playing the French this year that he’s done with it.

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