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I can appreciate the strength behind the vintage but I don't feel feminine when I wear it, I feel a bit self conscious and masculine and that says alot since normally I can rock a couple sprays of Youth-Dew and not give a damn what anyone thinks. Or covered in that awful burning rubber smell when a car has been running for ages.But, Youth-Dew is a feminine scent anyhow :) Vintage Obsession makes me think of red flannel and chest hair.. Couldn't wait to get it off and apply my Lou Lou again!When I get paid soon I will be buying another bottle. Warm cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, other spices, amber, and civet! I get sandalwood, cinnamon, and lime peels up front, then get vanilla, bitter orange, cedar, incense, and amber. Just smooooth sweet incense/syrup/vanilla/spices/cinnamon. I also smell something woody and slightly musky, but the vanilla dominates. Amazing for holidays, relaxing at home, winter nights out, dates, and sensual enough for personal moments :) Obsession was the first designer perfume I ever bought for myself. I currently have Four Vintage Bottles of Obsession, 1 being a .25oz of the Pure PARFUM in the Iconic "kidney bean" shaped bottle!! Almost from a Different Time, Like something CLEOPATRA would have bathed in to Seduce All her subjects or Even Further Back in Time...I went back too Kohl’s and bought my granddaughter the outfit that I forgot too get last nite. Obsession is such a sexy beast of a perfume I’m in love all over again. Good staying power and sillage, especially considering I'm using stuff that was open with no idea how it was stored. Spicy, sweet,warm,inviting, sensual and cosy scent. This could easily be the scent hor holidays and christmas! I haven't owned a bottle in years and recently picked one up. The opening is green and mossy and then the spices and smokiness start to develop. Plus 1 EDP and the Other Two SUPER Vintage "Cologne Spray" bottles with the Built In Sprayer... All The Way To EVE herself In The Garden of EDEN scented in the Fruit, Flowers, Incense and Spices of EDEN!

And I make people turn their heads either in the worst or best way possible.(Hence the title)And this is a heavy hitter but under tropical weather,it pulls it in and closes up the aroma to the point that it's no really cloying,and will perform better once you come in an air conditioned place like the mall.Once you go Obsession you never like flowery girly scent! Try enhancing by combining it with a spray of Tabu, it will envelope you with exotic incense.Definitely an evening fragrance or winter warmth spicey fragrance. I was at Kohl’s last night went there too buy my grand daughter an outfit. I am so happy that I decided to purchase the fragrances I wore in my youth. I'm now on the search for a vintage bottle to see how it differs. I never used to like obsession but lately I can’t help it. Starts a bit sharp and green, with echos of 'Safari' but soon mellows to a warm amber. There's a touch of plastic in there but nothing serious. But it's reasonably priced, so you can be generous!

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