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Source: #2: Enterprise Mode Site List Manager Download – I have been spending a good bit of time implementing and learning about Internet Explorer 11’s Enterprise Mode.I recently ran into an issue with the versioning where the site list won’t update often.If you are trying to add a site to the list for a particular user to solve a problem, there isn’t an easy way to force IE to get a newer copy of the site list when the list is hosted on HTTP.

With the release of Windows 8.1 Update Microsoft has introduced a new feature Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode.This list can be published to a client through group policy (or set manually in the registry) and the list can reside on a File Share, web server or the local filesystem.Microsoft has a free tool to edit the list called the Enterprise Mode Site List Manager.Integrated with the MSI Installer is the Java Uninstall Tool, which provides the option to remove older versions of Java from the system.Now the common features such as rollback of unsuccessful installs, repair of broken installations and installing over existing broken installations are all accessible with the MSI Installer in place.

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