Pivot table filters not updating

Then run Dimension Health Check on the City dimension.I expect it will show some attribute relationship uniqueness issues.These values are getting "randomly" changed after a few days without any particular pattern from what we can observe. the data source is being updated daily) For example, we want to create a report were the users would have the data already filtered by the countries Italy and France upon opening it.So we created a report where we have the Country as a filter slicer and the countries Italy and France set as specific slicers under the Country filter.Fix the keys or attribute relationships and your problem should be fixed.If you need help knowing how to fix it post a screenshot of Dimension Health Check here.Sometimes, items continue to appear in a Pivot Table item list even though the items no longer exist in the data.

Anyone can help us understand why this is occurring and what can be done to go around it?In our BI infrastructure we're using Excel's pivot tables to expose the data in an Analysis Service instance (the cube), and thus far we have nothing to complain about.Excel "reports" can be defined containing pre-selected dimensions as rows, columns and filters, for example we can set the Time dimension as a column slicer, or the Country dimension as a filter slicer.This allows the users to access this pre-defined report with the slicers already in place where they just have to select there own values to slice with if needs be.However, even tough this is working perfectly the issue emerges when we try to actually pre-define specific values in a filter slicer.

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