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Dana and Enea told Buzz Feed News that they filed written reports about the threats to Greenleaf. Enea also said that he spoke to the head of JROTC at the school, Peter Mahmood, about what was happening with Cruz.Mahmood did not respond to messages from Buzz Feed News.“Neighbors and classmates knew he was a big problem.Must always report such instances to authorities, again and again!The New York Post reported Cruz then threatened and harassed her.After this, in April 2016, Dana said she started getting threats over direct messages from Cruz’s ex-girlfriend’s Instagram account.

In the first week of the new school year, Enea said Cruz apologized to him in person.” Trump tweeted.“Personally, I don’t think he should say that.[Trump] doesn’t know the whole story,” Enea told Buzz Feed News. He’s remorseful,” Melissa Mc Neill, another public attorney for Cruz, said earlier in the week about the shooting.Not long after, Dana said she went to Kelvin Greenleaf, at the time a security specialist at Marjory Douglas Stoneman high school who the students knew as the head of security, to tell him about the threats and show him the messages. A phone number connected to Greenleaf and the call gate number outside his home were disconnected, and he didn’t respond to a note left at his home.Dana’s mom, Martha Garvey, said her daughter told her at the time that she was being threatened and that Dana reported it to the school’s head of security.

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And for several months Cruz dated Dana’s friend who went to a different school. Still, Dana said she was wary of Cruz, because “he had guns and weapons and we all knew about it.” And when the friend told Dana that her relationship with Cruz was abusive, Dana told the friend to break up with him.

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