Pef and not mandating nursing overtimes

A Comparison of Claiiroom Hurtisn Relations Probtems: Diagnosti D Tendinclis of Elimentary and Sicondiry Teachers ARTHUR BLUMBIRG and ROGER H .PE RRY , Syracuse University This study invest Igatei the differencei in the way olemontary and iecond°ry teachers diagnose their human relations problems with their itudents.

Comblnationi of ttacher leadership modes based on task, expressive, snd power orientations were strong influences on classroom climates.

, \ Divisional Program jisting .............................. iv Abstracts 1 Topic K = = 151 index of Individual Paper Titles 154 Index of Symposia Sission Titles 164 Author Indix 166 DIVISIONAL PROGRAM LISTING Division A 13,07 13.08 13.10 15.04 .

15,10 15.27 15.28 17,05 17,08 S0,07 20.10 2S,16 26.15 26.20 27.15 27.17 28.16 28.17 28,18 2gji 29.23 Z5=1D 32.01 32,02 32,04 32,06 32,11 34.04 35.05 38.07 Evironriiental Sir ess and Efjucational Response Cooperfltive Accountabilit V Project for State and Local Educaiional Agencies Administraior Pr Gparati Qn-State of tli R Art; Uni= vorsity Program Responsiveness lo tho 1970's Adminisi Gnng Federal Educational Profjrams Individually guided insiruciion: Res Bprch end Find = ings Survey Feedback in iducatjonol Organiiitlon De^ vcjoprnent The Impact of Eviluatisn on Fideral Di Ciiion Making Eeonomir.s of iduration: Equilization, Production, ind Impact Administrailve Decision Making Scfiool Commirnrty Interaction RGseirch on Political and Sociah Piychological Vari^ abi§s Effecting the Administration of Organliational Change , Ass GSSiiig Change in Education Nori-public Schools: Contributioni to Thiories of Educationai Organization Violent Tiinage Qangi in Urban School The University and Its Environmint; An ins/iron^ mental Information Deli very Systim Potpourri Assessing the Tasks of Public Education Towards a Programmatic Production System for Educational Administration The Governanci of Higher Education Satgllite Arademiei Program Sf0 City Educational Governance: The Metropolitan Toroni Q Tw Q 'tiered Expiriment The Studint-ln Stit Ution Interfati The Usei of Simulation in Educational Adminiitra- tion Conifasti in the Procisi of of the Schoors In struct ionil Organization Policy Analysis aj a Focus for Training Programs In Education Adminiitration Devefoping Effective Educational Organizations: toncepti, Realities.- and Stratigiei for Change Decliion Making in American Education llick iducatofs in Educatlonil Administration Csllygtati Placement ind Cridit Policlei: Issuts And EMperjenees Orginizitional Structure Bt Climitt: Iff Qcts on Leaderihip 3i.08 35.02 36,05 37.06 3/,07 37.08 Diylilon B 14.06 14.10 17.14 17.19 17.20 19.03 .

Appreciation is hare extended' to each division editor for the efforts contributed to this volume, and to Sally K.

Craig for her assistance in the production of this work. Stivers Director of Publications Amirican Educational Rasaarch Association TABLE OF CONTENTS Forew Qrc J * ................................

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LARKIN, Center for Urban Education A study of teacher leadership styles and claiiroom climates in 75 elementary school classro Qms showed that teachir task and expresgive ofiintatians p Dweffully influeneed □lassroom morale.

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