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And they say his messages from the pulpit drip in hypocrisy, because what he raps about is exactly the opposite. the TMZ story that Mase -- who built both his church and his fortune on his marriage -- secretly filed for divorce in January and then withdrew the legal docs a few weeks later. Mase is featured on a new song -- "Tricky Situation" -- about a man who brags about banging a woman who's already engaged.Some of the parishioners tell us Mase has been going on and on about the virtues of marriage even after the TMZ post, never addressing his own failures ... There's talk now about refusing to fund the church ...

so claim many of the worshipers at his house of worship. they believe Mase is living a double life, spending as much time in the studio with hardcore rappers as in the church.

Read more » I know something about you that I’m getting ready to tell everyone, and it might feel a little uncomfortable to be exposed like this in a crowd.

You had hoped to come to church and keep it hidden under your smile and “Hey, y’all! Read more » The subject of my sermon introduction won’t surprise most of you. Hawaii’s a beautiful place and, from a distance anyway, a scary place right now when you see videos of the lava flow.

The saints develop a holy walk by conviction and repentance of sin sometimes accompanied by chastening, even severe chastening.

The milk toast make me feel good message coming from pulpits and seminairs today do not challenge the saints to live holy and godly lives in a godless world.

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  1. With people getting married younger (have you ever watched “16 and Pregnant”? This leads to plenty of good-looking, eligible men on the market who have a past. However, there’s often a stigma that comes with the word “divorce”.

  2. I beliv in family unity bt that does not mean u shud tramp over me. Really the writers n directors had a master piece story on their hands n this is what they cud give us. The lead actress never ever tried 2 fight for herself n yerin was bad till the end(well figuratively) if ther is. it made this man cry for the first time and American soap actors should learn to be more like these people and not so bloody cold! Seyoung was the stupidest character I have ever seen on TV.