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SEL = FALSE, info.measurement = "unkown measurement", = FALSE, single = FALSE, cex.global = 1, ...) The function works only for standard SAR protocol measurements introduced by Murray and Wintle (2000) with CW-OSL curves. For the calculation of the Lx/Tx value the function calc_OSLLx Tx Ratio is used. 9.3.2 REGENERATORS A regenerator is a higher temperature, transient heat exchanger used to improve the energy efficiency of higher temperature heating and melting processes, particularly in the hightemperature processing industries like glass production.Regenerators are sometimes referred to as “capacitive heat exchangers” and are mainly used in gas/gas heat recovery.18 In a regenerator, energy from the hot combustion products is temporarily stored in a unit constructed of some type of packing, such as firebricks.By creating absolute time scales for different events in the history of Earth scientists are able to reconstruct changes in climate and environment in the past, and the history of colonization and development of culture.

Many different patterns, such as the “square chimney” or “closed basket weave” are used in arranging the packing material, depending on the material and the pressure drop requirements.The basic problem with rotary regenerators is that they are not completely gas-tight so that exhaust products leak into the combustion air stream and vice versa.Absolute dating using luminescence methods is widely applicable in geology, geomorphology, palaeogeography and in archaeology in establishing ages of sediments and archaeological artefacts.A multiple-aliquot, two-part, regenerative-dose protocol, has been developed as a recuperated OSL dating method to extend the application of luminescence dating further back in time.Using the protocol the recuperated OSL signal is separated and used to estimate the equivalent dose for fine-grained quartz in Chinese loess.

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