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(Jane Friedman, Writer Unboxed, 3-19-10) Kinds of editors/​editing and levels of edit (Writers & Editors blog) The Doctor Will See You Now (book doctor Lisa Rojany-Buccieri on what book doctors can and cannot do) Make Professional Editing Work for You (Allison K Williams, The Writers Bloc, 5-11-15) Why is professional editing so damn expensive? Alison offers good tips on how to strengthen your ms. For editors and publishing professionals (a full section on editing, generally--not just fiction, on Writers and Editors website) Editorially Speaking: How to Find a Book Editor You Can Trust (Blake Atwood, The Write Life, 1-24-17) What to Expect from a Professional Critique (Margot Finke) See more such pieces on Writer Beware links.Writers: be savvy about your most important partner in the process: your editor."When Lee submitted the manuscript of Watchman to publisher J. Lippincott in 1957, her editor, Tay Hohoff, astutely saw the germ of a better book in the childhood passages and suggested Lee rewrite the novel from young Scouts point of view, set 20 years earlier, during the Depression.Comparing Mockingbird the result of two years of arduous revisions with Watchman demonstrates clearly just how important a good editor can be.The authors original is never touched again, and always available in the event of a document or computer crash." "Preflight" is the first of her four-stage work routine preflight, formatting, editing, and cleanup.Preflights purpose is to set up the manuscript for reading: tidying up errors and inconsistencies, minimizing the number of elements your eye needs to attend to during editing.If they are fictional (or fictionalized), make sure they stay true to themselves within that fictional world." --The Style Sheets Part IV: Timeline (4-13-15) "The timeline must be kept consistent with the fictional world of the story, and sometimes also with actual events in the real world.

25 Things to Look for in a Romance Editor (Cate Hogan, fiction editor and romance writer, July 2017) Copyediting and the Power of Word Choices: An Interview with Sara Brady on copyediting romance novels (Smart Podcast, Trashy Books #197, 6-3-16) Listen, or scroll down to click on and read a transcript.Thinking Fiction: An Overview of the World of Fiction Copyediting (Amy Schneider, on An American Editor, 9-8-14) A checklist of what you will and won't do as a good fiction copyeditor.See her entire American Editor series on fiction editing: --Thinking Fiction: The Mind-Set of the Fiction Copyeditor (An American Editor, 10-6-14) --Thinking Fiction: The Style Sheets Part I: General Style (Amy Schneider, on An American Editor, 1-19-15) --Thinking Fiction: The Style Sheets Part II: Characters (2-16-15) ("Because fiction is by nature made up, theres no real-world reference for its internal factual information so keeping a detailed style sheet with as much information as possible about the characters (and other elements) is enormously helpful for catching inconsistencies." "I find it extremely helpful to group characters not alphabetically, but by their relationships to each other.") --The Style Sheets Part III: Locations (3-11-15) "If the locations are meant to represent real locations, its your job to make sure they are accurate.Put simply, where Mockingbird beguiles, dazzles and moves to tears as it conveys core values of empathy and human decency, Watchman horrifies with its ugly racism, even as it emotes and moralizes didactically, clunkily and shrilly." A review worth reading, which may make you curious about the early novel.On Books: Visions and Revisions (Part II) (Alison Parker, An American Editor, 8-15-16).

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