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Reducing it by 15 more seconds works very well if you base your Pv P tactic on kicking people below the belt. Unlike Scrapper, you are not going to global an enemy for 2 seconds, you are playing pressure and you actually need to keep distance in order to not getglobaled yourself.

Ruffian Scoundrel has no energy management and to run out of energy you need to spam something stupid really long.

The Discipline can easily target switch but you will not be able to do an appropriate amount of damage on target that dies under 15 seconds. In this guide apart from Pv Eside I will also cover little of Pv P benefit of this Discipline. Accuracy You are bound to reach 110%, otherwise there is no way you can do damage in Pv E. Unfortunately there is no nice way to get to 110% Accuracy without at least some overcap.

The best set up theorycrafters recommend is: If I were you, I wouldn’t bother DPSing in 216 rating enhancements.

Unlike Pv E side, I had enough time and opportunities to test this.There are little amount of enemies in Pv E that don’t have boss immunity, so pick this utility only if your group has a problem surviving against enemies without boss immunity.Ruffian Scoundrel is a melee DPS, to do damage you must follow the target, to survive you must run around red circles and cleave zones, all you need for it is movement speed.It may change something on different type of encounters though.Remember that Power is a stat for burst damage while Critical Rating and Alacrity help with sustained.

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